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          Concert Auditorium
          Fairchild Theatre


        • Fairchild Theatre Section (1/4″ Scale)
        • Fairchild Rep Plot (1/4″ Scale)
        • 502 Bad Gateway

        • Concert Auditorium Section (1/4″ Scale)
        • Seating

          Facility Photo Walkthrough

          Arena Theatre

          Concert Auditorium

          Studio 60 Theatre

          Concert Auditorium

          RCAH Auditorium

          exterior of brick building
          Snyder-Phillips Hall


          Facility Photo Walkthrough

          • Photo Walkthrough coming soon!

          Acting Studio - Room 12

          Auditorium Building


          • Wooden Sprung Floor
          • Media Hub for Projection
          • Accoustic Sound Panels
          • Raised Ceilings

          • nginx

          Panoramic Photo – Walkthrough

          Summer Circle Courtyard

          aerial shot of the summer circle courtyard
          Summer Circle Courtyard
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